How I managed to move countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

Melbourne 2021, my new Home!

I mentioned a while ago, in an article, how I changed jobs during the pandemic, but one thing that I didn't mention is that I was supposed to relocate from New Zealand to Australia, where my company (Xplor) is based.

On March 19th, New Zealand borders close to all but New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, followed by the Australian government on March 20th.

On the 25th of March 2020, New Zealand Announced a level 4 lockdown for the whole country. For those who are not familiar with the New…

A personal opinion on how I coped with grief and loss

The Midnight Gospel — 1x8 ‘Mouse of Silver’

I watched the incredible last episode of The Midnight Gospel, episode 1x8 “Mouse of Silver,” where Duncan Trussell (Clancy) interviewed his mother. She had been dealing with metastatic breast cancer for the past four years by the time the podcast that inspired the episode came out.

This story is very similar to what happened in my family last year when my mother passed away after bravely fighting for two years against metastatic cancer.

I decided to share in this post how I dealt with this experience. I would like…

Using gmailctl to create filters and label your emails

Code for a better world!

Recently, I was reading the great article, The Art of Automation from Jessie Frazelle, and amazed me how she automates her day to day tasks.

As developers, automation is not a new concept, we tend to deal with the patterns of automation day to day through continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). For the rest of the world, it is interesting to see the patterns of automation are starting to play a role in consumer products. — Jessie Frazelle

After reading that, I decided to automate my Gmail filters using…

How was to start a new remote position and the onboarding process during COVID-19 lockdown

My Travel plans, COVID19
My Travel plans, COVID19
So many travel plans for 2020 :(

About a month ago, I was starting a role in Xplor 🚀, my current company. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, all the processes would need to be remote.

A day before, I received all the information I needed to begin my day, including a remote work guide and some websites to maintain my mental health while in isolation. 😍

The company uses a tool called BambooHR that made the process smooth. I had all the information that I needed in a task list format with…

Automatically Update your dependencies on cloud or self-hosted git installation

I see dependencies EVERYWHERE

When you don’t have an automated way to update your dependencies, they tend to get old really fast and nobody pays attention to it, because the software just works, and you end up having a huge pile of outdate dependencies like this:

Hans Jakob Emmel

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